It’s decided, you will create your business! You are young, without experience, you have ideas full head and energy to spare!! Know that the road to success is an endurance race and not a sprint of 100 m. To put all the chances on your side, here are some tips to start your business well.

Project Idea

The starting point, of course, is the idea of a project. We all have ideas for innovative projects, but action is rarely taken for a variety of reasons.

However, there is sometimes an idea for a project that is important to us and for which we are prepared to go further. It is therefore necessary to go beyond the stage of the idea and to materialise it by a concrete project.

The market research often starts at this stage, it allows to better frame its project, to learn about its target market and the competition, and to obtain valuable information for the success of its project.

Moving to Action

Once you have a good project idea and made the decision to create your business, serious things can start!!

First of all it will be necessary to be informed about the procedures of creation of enterprise, at this stage it should not hesitate to ask for advice from specialized entities regional investment center, business center, trustee, lawyer, etc…

To be able to determine the legal form of your company, and the different stages of creation (negative certificate, statutes, registration, legal announcement, etc.)

On the other hand, you will also have to draw up your business plan, based on your market study. And make projections of turnover and expenses necessary for the exercise of the activity (investments, purchases, overhead, personnel expenses, etc.).

At this level, you can start looking for your future suppliers and your future service providers (insurer, accountant, lessor, advertising, telephony, etc.). The offers obtained by these will allow you to refine your business plan.

Financing of the project

Based on the results of your business plan you can determine the financing budget you will need to launch your project. It is strongly recommended to provide a larger budget (5% to 20%), than that calculated, for the various and unforeseen.

The amount of the calculated funding should then be taken back and allocated to it:

  • · Your personal contribution;
  • · The investor input you can bring into your project;
  • · The financing you can get from credit institutions;

Place of exercise of my activity

Another important step in any business creation project is the choice of the local to carry out its activity.

If you set up a business and decide to work from home or from your customers directly, it’s not very complicated, even if this solution seems economical, it is not without constraints, in fact it can generate several inconveniences, such as the encroachment of personal life on the professional, an image of unprofessionality released from your customers, etc. On the other hand, renting a space or office space can be expensive for a start. A domiciliation with a business center or the rental shared space (coworking type), can be an interesting intermediate solution.

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